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Dear (First name) (Last name),

We are very excited to announce our first TV appearance in the United States! The first program, "Expedition 1 (地球深度行1)" is a travelogue that leads audiences to delve deep into the mysterious Middle East, and to explore places and things written in the besting selling book of all time -- the Holy Bible.

If you always wonder what is inside this book that keeps billions reading till this day, or simply wonder ...
- What exactly is Dead Sea Scrolls? Why it shocked the world when it was found?
- What is it like to be under the famous Red Sea?
- What so special about a place called Hebron?

Please do not miss Expedition 1 (地球深度行1) which will be shown in the following channels and times

全美國 翡翠美東台 DirecTV 450台
星期日 7:15am / 10:00pm
  翡翠美西台 DirecTV 451台
星期日 6:30pm / 星期一 4:30pm
洛杉磯 翡翠有線電視
星期日 6:30pm / 星期一 5:30pm
三藩市 世界電視 World TV 32台
星期日 10:00pm
星期日 6:00pm / 11:15pm
夏威夷 Olelo Oceanic Cable 52台
星期六 8:30am
芝加哥 第48台/COMCAST Cable 第248台
星期四 6:00pm


At the same time, a toll-free hotline “人生熱線” will be launched in US and Canada on April 1st to answer questions you have with our TV programs. In addition, we also offer counseling services.

  Please feel free to forward this E-mail to your appropriate E-mail alias. If you would like to help spread the words in other formats (posters, fliers, slide show, etc), please contact (877)223-6341

In Christ,
Gilbert Yip
Director of The Media Evangelism Association, U.S.A.


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