Glory to the Lord! We believe wholeheartedly that it has been a miracle for us to gain such a wonderful opportunity to partake in this historical production, "Sun Yat Sen". It is all the more exciting to broadcast the documentary series through the official TV network of the Chinese government in the Mainland China, CCTV, given that the number of Chinese audience we estimate to reach across China is enormous. We believe that TV broadcasting is an effective and efficient medium to preach the Gospel and channel the blessings of God.

The Media Evangelism Limited, with its production center and headquarter office in Hong Kong, is strategically based to act as a linkage and stepping stone to the mainland China. Equipped with over twelve years of experiences in mass media production, we have been using our gifted talents and technical expertise to serve our evangelical communities and the non-Christian world, locally and aboard, for the furtherance of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
With its pending accession to the World Trade Organization, both the economic and religious landscape in the Mainland China is rapidly changing. The fields across China are now ripe unto harvest. In the face of this bright moment when the brilliant window of opportunity has ever opened up before us, we confess that we are trembled to stand alone in the fight for the lost in the land of China. But indeed this has been our dream all along, a dream being driven forward by a passion to make it happens, a dream upon which success depends very much your support in prayers and participation.

We also have our dream - a dream that can be shared by Christians all over the world to evangelize China, a nation of 1.3 billions of people. We are presently working actively on building up the first Christian TV Channel in Hong Kong, with a hope that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ can one day be spread throughout the mainland China. Scheduled to be launched in October 2001, the Creation TV will roll out its 24-hour Christian programs. This 8-part documentary of "Sun Yat Sen" will be one of the prime launch programs included in aim of evangelization.

In commemoration of the great pioneer of Chinese Revolution, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has approved the China Central Television to put on this 8-part documentary "Sun Yat Sen". Starting from October 10, 2001, the 90th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, CCTV will broadcast this 8-part documentary series, "Sun Yat Sen", with 50 minutes for each part.

In Christ,
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