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A Dream Team

《A Dream Team》(2011) 96’

A Dream Team (2011) 96’

Hui Man Keung (Sammy Leung), 30 years old, believes in Feng Shui and fortune-telling. He was predicted that he would not live longer than 30 due to the curse of death that has been placed on him. Keung believes that his time is coming. In addition, the exhibition centre he is working in has been threatened to shut down due to insufficient visitors. By the time he is in total despair, he meets a mysterious man, the Almighty God. What is even more amazing is that all the historical characters in the exhibition centre come alive again. Keung comes up an idea to form “A Dream Team”. The team is so widely accepted that the exhibition
centre’s business is able to come back to life again.
When everything turns so perfect and well, Keung once again faces the challenge of death. Can he break the
curse of death? What kind of adventure have Keung and those historical characters had in the exhibition center?
Can they find the real authority in life?

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