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Hearken! Our Voice 2.2

Hearken! Our Voice 2 (2017) 6×25′

March 2017 marks the 6th grim anniversary of the ongoing Syrian civil war, which according to the UN in April 2016, had already claimed over 400,000 lives. By January 2017, 4.9 millions of Syrians had fled with another 6.3 millions being internally displaced. Religious minorities are currently risking a real genocide.

The Islamic States and other terrorist groups are breeding many brutal attacks across the globe, in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Boston, Sydney, Kunming……Terrorism has become a synonym of human catastrophe.

This is an urgent call for global reflection and reaction upon the worldwide spread of terrorism. Dr. Yvette Isaac is joining force with Creation TV under a same vision to set her foot on the devastated soil of Syria, with a mission to let the voice of the Syrian victims being heard throughout the world.

<HEARKEN! OUR VOICE 2> is a sequel to the 3-part documentary production (2015). Recording over 40 witnesses in Syria testifying the darkest episode in modern history, this new series is an awakening call for timely help from everyone to fight against the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII.

Revealing the aching truth about the lives of survivors in the desolated areas of Syria, this 6-part documentary program focuses intently on these brave souls, holding strong to their faith in the most difficult, tumultuous time, manifesting love and hope and perseverance despite hardships and heavy shelling.